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《薑餅人對戰卡牌 Braverse》星球交鋒戰 賽事公告

本場賽事僅限使用繁體中文之卡牌進行對戰,其卡表需以中文填寫。 本場開放外籍選手進行參賽,由於FRIENDLY MATCH賽事宗旨為:能讓台灣選手與韓國選手進行遊戲交流,因此若「非戶籍在台灣」之選手獲得冠亞軍,該名選手會獲得名次獎品,須注意的是FRIENDLY MATCH資格將會順延給「戶籍在台灣」之選手。

This event can only use traditional Chinese cards, and the card form must be filled out in Chinese.

This competition is open to foreign players. The FRIENDLY MATCH competition aims to let Taiwanese players communicate with Korean players.

If a player is non-Taiwanses gets 1st place or 2nd place in this tournament, that player will receive a ranking prize, and the qualification for the FRIENDLY MATCH will be given to the next player until he/she is Taiwanese.





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